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This page allows incorporating to the Moodle question bank test quizzes written in any word processor. This script is especially efficient when managing a large number of questions, providing a quick way of bulk loading them.

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Type of questions:

Single Answer     Multiple-Choice     Wise selection Each question shall be considered "Single Answer" type if it only has one valid answer, "Multiple-Choice" if it has two or more correct answers, "Short-Answer" if all answers are correct, "Numeric" if there is only one numeric correct answer, "Essay" if an asterisk is the only answer or "True-False" if the answer is "*True/*T/*+" or "*False/*F/*-" .     Others Short-Answer; Single-Answer, but correct answers>1


Wrong answer handling:

Single Answer mode. Percentage that will subtract each erroneous answer:

Multiple Answer mode. Weigh erroneous responses: Each wrong answer will subtract its proportion to the total incorrect in the question. (Valid only for questions with less than 10 wrong alternatives).

Exam Identifier This code will appear -only for teacher eyes- in the query name. This code makes easier to identify and order queries in the Moodle Question Bank.

Name of the file to be generated (no extension)

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Do not UTF-8 encode. If some characters are not displayed correctly, you can try to improve the result by checking this box. You will get a text file, which must be UTF-8 encoded using a suitable program. For this you can use the free text editor Notepad++: encoding -> convert to UTF-8 without BOM.


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